Fantweestic! for Windows 10

Fantweestic! for Windows 10

Automatically follow your favorite sports teams


  • Easily follow your favorite teams
  • Customized skins
  • Opens links within the application


  • Lackluster themes and interface
  • Opened links are cramped


Fantweestic! for Windows 8 is a Twitter client for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

There are already several great Twitter clients out for Windows 8 such as Tweetro and MetroTwit. Where Fantweestic! for Windows 8 tries to differentiate itself is in its ability to quickly and easily follow your favorite sports teams.

Another unique feature of Fantweestic! for Windows 8 is its themes. When you first start the app, you're given a list of popular teams or other things that you can "fan." You can then easily add the a stream of the team's Twitter updates to your home page.

Fantweestic! for Windows 8 is a full featured Twitter client with access to your DMs, profile, and photos. You have the option to view links in the sidebar but this experience is terrible. Web pages will be crammed into the sidebar, forcing you to scroll a lot. You can omit this option and just visit links in your default browser. This isn't ideal either. It would be nice if Fantweestic! for Windows 8 adjusted the sidebar automatically to fill up a majority of the screen.

While it's great that Fantweestic! for Windows 8 lets you follow your favorite teams and brands easily, you're most likely already following them. The themes would be cool but they're very basic, only modifying the colors of the app.

Overall, Fantweestic! for Windows 8 is a lackluster Twitter client that has a few unique features but doesn't provide as good of a Twitter experience as its competitors.

Fantweestic! for Windows 10


Fantweestic! for Windows 10

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